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Behind the Sound

South London’s Saint Joshua, is an artist who effortlessly mixes R&B and pop to bring his music to the forefront along with his dreamy vocals and elegant beats. His music creates a serene atmosphere that envelops listeners, allowing them to escape into a world of tranquillity. At the heart of Saint Joshua’s music is his gift for storytelling. Through his cinematic sounds and evocative lyrics, he paints vivid pictures and shares narratives about the highs and lows of life and dating. His ability to convey emotions and experiences resonates deeply with his audience, creating a sense of connection and understanding.

Having launched in 2021 with his debut EP, Pilot he has gone on to release 2 further studio EP’s including EP2 and EP3, gaining over 13 million streams and numerous accolades including:

  • Complex Mags UK R&B Artist to watch in 2023
  • Notion Mag front cover
  • Features from: Complex, Clash, Notion, M Mag, Ticketmaster, Man About Town, Wonderland, 1883 and recently DIY
  • Nominated for Best Mixtape/EP at AIM Awards 2023
  • Awarded PRS Foundations Momentum fund (2022)
  • Having played TGE, Dot To Dot, Latitude Festival (BBC Intro/2022), Live At Leeds (BBC Intro 2022)
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